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Shezly Claramunt

SAHM finally found a profitable online business to help others make money online

I am so happy to see you here!

It means you are that much closer to giving yourself the chance of success

at generating passive income from your phone.

Stop overcomplicating it, things do not need to be “hard” for them to make sense.

MRR has changed my life and the lives of many, what makes you think it can’t change yours?!

I’m Shezly(: a 30 year old wife and mother to two beautiful toddler girls!

As someone who has been in the online space now for over 8 years I can tell you I've done it all.

From different online business ventures, to different "side hustles". I have been able to earn a good chunk of money online, nothing life changing that is, but I was also burned out, I was tired of being stuck behind a computer...

I wanted to make good money but also wanted to be able to be fully be present with my kids, help my husband with household bills without worrying, simply live a little more freely & that's when I found Digital Marketing with Master Resell Rights.

I started Digital Marketing January 8th 2024 and have generated a little over $5,000 in my first seven weeks!

I promise you I am not special, I am an ordinary busy mom who decided to find out if this was even possible, So if you're looking for a way to enter the digital marketing space, make money you did not know was quite possible, be taught as a complete beginner, you are in the right place!



DWA and UBC above are both MRR courses which not only could you learn incredibly valuable, high income skills to succeed in the online space but you will also be able to earn from them. Does not matter if you are a complete beginner, or have a business you want to scale!

Get 9 DONE FOR YOU products to make money from! (both courses include this bonus)

Get 9 DONE FOR YOU products to make money from! (both courses include this bonus)

what is MRR?

Master Resale Rights means you obtain legal ownership of a product as is when purchased. You now have the right to resell the same product as your own.

what is PLR?

Private Label Rights - means you obtain legal ownership of a product when purchased. You now have the right to rebrand, add your own context and resell the product as your own.

Is this an MLM or Network Marketing

NO! This is YOUR business. You earn 100% profit from your sales, I do not make money from any of your sales.

You do not need to recruit, you do not need to team build.

Do I need followers to succeed?

NO!You’re going to reach people by posting.

This is what is taught inside of the course.

The first of the month is next week, imagine what you can make.

Even if it’s one sale, that’s still an extra income you didn’t plan to make.

Is this a SCAM?!

I received this question and it’s unfortunate that we are so conditioned to not making so much money in one day. That’s ok! ME TOO!

Whenever you want to learn a new skill, you go to school or take a course. This is a course that teaches you how to sell online. How to create Digital Products. How to market your products, how to do email marketing and so much more

Which course is “better”?

Both courses are incredibly valuable!

The common goal in both,DWA & UBC, is to teach how to make money online and succeed in Digital Marketing even with zero prior experience.

DWA is your one stop shop for learning digital marketing, generating multiple streams of income, social media knowledge, creating your own digital product and guiding you through all of the back end details.

UBC is all about social media branding ( wether that be branding yourself or your business) and selling on social media without feeling salesy! This course is for the person wanting monetize their content, or aspiring content creators wanting to grow a following, for business owners who want to promote their business on social media and turn views into sales.